remember when sherlock nearly told john he loved him before getting on a plane that would take him to a mission that would end in his certain death but he backed out at the last second and then he started crying while on said plane

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i’ve got 99 problems and all of them are martin freeman’s arms

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*sherlock sneezes for the first time in john's presence*
john: that was the most adorable thing I have ever hear-
sherlock: SHUT UP
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Sherlock’s Military Kink is Canon!

In A Study in Pink when Sherlock introduces John to 221B he has a copy of Eagle: Adventure Survival Truth Magazine in the boxes with his trunk. 

EDIT -> Professorfonz figured out the magazine was Eagle and found an earlier issue of it. (I tracked down Sherlock’s issue.) On behalf of her amazingness, you’re welcome!


EDIT -> Tween!SherlockThis magazine appears to have run in the 1980’s only so they’re probably from Sherlock’s youth which makes sense given that they’re with what I’m claiming is the boarding school trunk. 

Trunk Photo from Arwel Wyn Jones’s 221b set panorama.

EDIT -> Sherlock’s is the June, 1983 issue of Eagle Adventure Survival Truth Magazine. Headlines include: “Street Fighting Techniques,” “L.A.W. Update,” “82nd Airborn,” etc. I’m looking for a better photo of the issue.

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"who he?"

why. why was it said like that. why.

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Raw video: Martin Freeman discusses role in ‘Fargo’

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John not wearing his uniform at his wedding cause he’s saving it for later when he marries his uniform fetishist  ♡♡♡

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