Sherlock Holmes, again, must have sexual impulses because human beings tend to — most human beings, not absolutely all, but that’s the majority.

The fact is, he decides to put all that in an iron box to make his brain work better.

Of course, the fact that that iron box bounces around and shakes and bangs from the inside is what makes the story interesting.

He wants to rise above us like a snowcapped mountain, but he’s actually a volcano, and that’s where the story is.

That’s where the story is.

Steven Moffat

(IGN interview Part 2, February 2014 [x])

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I’ve just realised my life is basically just me waiting for the next series of Sherlock


john brushes his hand against sherlock’s tummy really lightly and sherlock instinctively flinches, so john figures he’s ticklish and begins ticking his tummy and sherlock yells at him and tells him to stop through his laughter and he’s laughing so hard tears are streaming down his face but he secretly really likes it

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the Laureus Awards (2014)

the Laureus Awards (2014)


Like most male friendships, everything is assumed, and nothing is spoken of.

Oh, except for once. Just once, and that’s your lot. If you’re going to read it in order, like I did, you’ve got a long time to wait for The Adventure of the Three Garridebs, but patience, and keep reading in order - you’ll be blinking back the tears when the moment comes.

Steven Moffat, Introduction to A Study in Scarlet, BBC Books.


So, I think we can just stop debating about when the love confession/first kiss is going to happen.

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Benedict Cumberbatch photographed by Tertius Bune in 2012 (x)

Benedict Cumberbatch photographed by Tertius Bune in 2012 (x)

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i can seriously get behind the idea that jim just went the wrong direction during the pool scene and had to make a dramatic re-entrance just to leave the proper way

it’s so real i can hear it i can feel it i can see it i can taste it i can smell it

canon johnlock

Benedict Cumberbatch helping out Madame Tussauds artists with the early sculpting for his wax figure. (x)
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From the Financial Times (“‘Sherlock’ a big winner for BBC’s finances”), this quote from Ben Stephenson, controller of BBC Drama:

' “This is not hyperbole,” added Mr Stephenson, who confirmed that the BBC will film a “special with a big twist” in January, followed by a three-part series filmed in 2015, with no fixed date for broadcast.

' “Steven sat down with Martin [Freeman] and Benedict [Cumberbatch] a month ago and took them through what the plans are [for series four]. It's impossible to guess what's going to happen. They are being very bold and brave. There are twists and turns, as you would expect. But it is shocking.” '

Saying that the actors/writers are being “bold and brave” in discussing series 4 really signals something beyond the usual in today’s world of drama (eg Fargo, American Horror Story etc). Bets are on something pretty emotionally difficult with the baby or heading towards a gay relationship.

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john with sherlock in a headlock like “don’t forget i was a soldier, i killed people” and sherlocks like “get off of me i’m getting a boner”


[taps at microphone]: um yes…hello?? can everyone hear me? one, two, three. yes. is that better? I want to make sure the people in the back can hear me fine. well….yeah I have a big important announcement…





that one interview tho where Mark says that Steven and him wanted to make a modern adaption of Sherlock because it would blow away the fog of the victorian trappings and focus more on the relationship between Sherlock and John (x)

BBC Sherlock is exclusively about the relationship between Sherlock and John - a relationship that has now reached its ultimate point as s3 (Sherlock and John admitting that they’re each other’s best friend)

However, they’ve already confirmed season 4 (and most likely 5) and at least 4 more episodes

so in what way do you think their relatioship is going to proceed since they’re already best friends now, literally the same thing they were in the canon as well, if they want to ‘blow away the fog of the trappings’

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