♥ ♥ john gently pushing aside sherlock’s curls so he can press soft kisses just behind his ear to get his attention when he’s doing experiments ♥ ♥

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the fact that he felt he needed to make clear he meant the name tag thing



sherlock in s1 is like ‘i cannot shed one tear.’ and then sherlock in s3 is like ‘im cryin at a wedding. im cryin on a plane. im cryin all alone. im cryin on john’s chair. i’m cryin everywhere.’ 

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i was talking to becca and she said “imagine sherlock in a shop trying to choose between orange juice and apple juice, just imagine that small son buying things”

sherlock in sainsbury’s, with a little trolley, stood in front of the juice section. he thinks about which juice to buy and decides he prefers orange juice. but which one? smooth? with bits? sainsbury’s basics? tropicana? taste the difference? imagine him standing in front of all those cartons of juices and thinking about which one to buy. but he doesn’t know because he hasn’t tasted most of them. so he decides to try them. he opens each one and tries a bit and of course the security gets called because there’s a weird man in a weird coat opening orange juice cartons and drinking a bit and putting them away again. so there’s a lot of shouting and sherlock is outraged he has to buy orange juice without deciding empirically which one is his favourite and that now he has to buy all of the open cartons. he comes home with about 15 open and partially empty cartons of orange juice which now have to be finished within 2 days and john just loses it completely like how the fuck can sherlock go buy milk, eggs, bread and pizza and come back with15 sodding open bloody cartons of fucking orange juice how the fuck are they supposed to drink that in 2 days. so sherlock goes down to mrs hudson to give her a few cartons, he gives molly some too when he sees her later on, and when lestrade calls them later that day sherlock arrives at the crime scene with his hands full of orange juice and starts handing it out to shell shocked police officers. john just stands there like i married that fucking idiot, i knew it would happen, never again. until a month later sherlock offers to buy dinner and gets stuck in the dessert section. cheescake or muffins?


i felt like sherlock was the type of kid who would jump off the couch whenever he had a chance


sherlock: *gets a boner*
sherlock: jOHN HELP


john absolutely rocking sherlock’s entire world in bed is important to me



can u imagine john calling sherlock cute and sherlock starts blushing and stammering saying he’s not cute i’m not cute john john stop laughing i’m not cute john can’t stop laughing because his boyfriend is so cute i’m so sorry



Nose crinkle

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